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Guardian Recruiting

As an owner-managed Consultancy founded in 2012, Guardian is cognizant of the fact that reputation in a highly competitive market is key to the longevity of the relationships that are cultivated and maintained over time.

At Guardian we recognize that our business is people and as such we appreciate that the individual needs of our clients and candidates are unique. We are about always offering a bespoke service and delivery of the highest possible standards, without compromising on the quality of the processes followed.

As a Generalist Agency there are no specific areas of specialization, however extensive experience in sourcing for positions within the HR, Finance, Middle to Senior Management and Support Specialist fields necessitates a strong network of talent across all levels of seniority and within a number of different industries.  This network is treated with mutual respect and professionalism at all times.

At Guardian we are constantly delighted by interactions with others and believe that it is associations like these that strengthen the brand even further.